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Climate Ride Japan 2024

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I'm excited to be training for my 12th Climate Ride event where I'll be spending a week cycling around Kyushu alongside some truly inspiring climate activists, all raising money to underwrite Climate Ride's Green Fondo rides- large scale cycling events that raise more than $1 million dollars for climate organizations.

Climate change affects all of us. It impacts public health crises, natural disasters, leads to economic downturns, and is changing our natural landscape forever. The climate crisis often feels too vast to make a meaningful impactful as an individual, but when we come together and financially and physically show our support for meaningful change and policy, we not only move the needle, but also inspire others in our communities to join us, broadening our impact.

Your generous donation will help support the important work Climate Ride is doing to elevate climate advocacy and philanthropy. 

You can make a secure online donation by clicking on the 'Support Me' button. You'll automatically receive an acknowledgment, and I will be notified by email of your generous support. Please leave your name so I know who to thank!

Thank you for your support — you’re part of the positive change we so desperately need!

P.S. Climate Ride events are unique and life-changing experiences. Their organization delivers millions of dollars in grants each year to other nonprofits in the fields of bike advocacy, conservation, and climate solutions around the U.S. To sign up for your own amazing Climate Ride experience, you can check out their events list here!