Upcoming Events

Climate Ride events are charitable, fundraising events that support more than 100 beneficiary organizations. Please visit the FAQ for more information on fundraising requirements and deadlines. 

To register for one of our events, click on the link below. Be sure to scroll down to see our full list of events.

Date Event
2018/11/3011/30/2018 Independent Challenge 2020
2020/06/1206/12/2020 Climate Ride Bears Ears 2020
2020/07/1107/11/2020 Virtual Climate Rise 2020
2020/07/1507/15/2020 Glacier Ride 2020
2020/09/1009/10/2020 Climate Ride Philadelphia to DC 2020
2020/09/1809/18/2020 Climate Ride Bears Ears Fall 2020
2020/09/2609/26/2020 Climate Run Rogue River 2020
2020/10/0410/04/2020 Climate Ride Bhutan 2020
2020/10/1210/12/2020 Climate Ride Japan 2020