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Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition

Green Fondo 2019

The Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition is a nonprofit dedicated to promoting cycling in Sonoma County through education and advocacy. We teach both children and adults how to ride safely & responsibly, and work with local jurisdictions to advocate for transportation improvements and policies that make cycling safer.  If you ride a bike in Sonoma County - as a resident or a visitor - we work for YOU!

According to the EPA, transportation accounts for about 30% of greenhouse gas emissions; getting more people on bikes promotes a healthier planet. (Not to mention healthier, happier people!)

To get more people out of their cars, we need to make our roads safer - which requires changing minds and policies and votes. Keeping the public - and our public officials - informed about our needs and issues is an important strategy for accomplishing this.  Talking to reporters, writing editorials, speaking at public meetings, circulating petitions, and doing background research takes time...and these activities cannot be easily be funded through grants or sponsorships. We rely on donations to cover these expenses.                  


YOU can help US help YOU - and the planet - by joining our team or making a donation.

(To join, click the orange "Join Our Team" button above; to donate, click on the "Roster" tab and choose one of us to sponsor.)