Dear Friend-

Our team members are all from Florida where we are most vulnerable to sea-level rise, yet our Governor Rick Scott since 2010 has been rolling back environmental protections and our regulatory safety net and we are already seeing the impacts from that.  His administration even directed his staff not to use the term Climate Change or Global Warming?

Now we are seeing this same environmental deregulation taking place on the national stage as part of the Koch Brothers and other large polluters playbook play our with the Trump administration. All of our team members work in different ways to make the environment better in Florida and have banded together to ride out this storm of politics that are not advancing us, but confounding everything to make our situation worse.  Our team name reflects that--- "riding the storm" and there is of course the threat of actual hurricanes hitting us since it is the height of hurricane season when we will be riding.

We are defiantly at a tipping point, we notice it every day---yet everyone seems to be talking about anything but Climate Change---we are hoping this ride will help generate more awareness and funding that can be used for good! 

We are also trying to take out our frustrations and stay sane by riding, and using this effort to raise funds for environmental groups that are working to improve our outlook. We will also take the time once we arrive in DC to lobby our elected leaders and tell them what we have accomplished and the urgency of action in Florida---so we look to you the donors and sponsors---to make our hours and days of training and efforts in fundraising worth it!  Really think about how important this issue is to you and your family---to every family.

We all feel this ride is a big challenge for us and so it is a metaphor for the hurdle we face with our elected leaders---we need the political will to allow our government and decision making to be informed by science----not which corporations can get our elected leaders re-elected!

We have the technology now to make Florida 100% renewable by 2050 and shut down coal fired power plants all over the country and move to use electric vehicles an increase public transit options in our cities.

If you cannot Donate--- Join our team, not in shape to ride or not up for it---help us raise awareness and dollars and still become a team member and cheer us on from the side lines.  Give me a call or e-mail if you are interested---786-543-1926

For the Environment,

Laura Reynolds

Team Captain "Riding the Storm" Florida


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