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Please consider joining our National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) team by registering for this year's Climate Hike. Not only will you get to go on awesome week-long adventure in Glacier National Park, you'll be supporting the great work of the nation's oldest and most trusted organization working to protect America's favorite wild places.

Below are the current initiatives that the Climate Ride Grants go towards:

  1. Reducing carbon dioxide from the electricity generating sector by enforcing clean air laws that protect national parks. Our work has resulted in dozens of older coal-fired power plants to retiring or switching to cleaner fuels, eliminating over 45 million metric tons of CO2 eliminated to date.
  2. Partnering with national parks and their surrounding communities to educate park visitors and neighbors about climate change impacts on their shared ecosystem, and to devise collaborative climate adaptation plans.
  3. Working to strengthen the climate resilience of national parks by enhancing ecosystem connectivity between parks and surrounding lands, by preventing fragmentation of park landscapes by activities such as oil and gas development, and securing funds to restore rivers, lakes, bays, and coasts that surround and flow through national parks.

When you join our hiking team you'll get one of those cool NPCA Footprints for the Parks t-shirts shown in the image above!

By clicking on the 'Join this Team' button, you'll be able to register online and customize your own personal fundraising page.

Please join us, we need your help – just say YES!


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