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Team LACBC Climate Ride California 2017

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Wayne Howard donated $230.00 06/16/2017
Lynn Duke made a donation 06/13/2017
Anonymous donated $50.00 06/07/2017
Anthony Lim donated $20.00 06/07/2017 Good cause Wayne. Handle!!!
Anonymous donated $319.00 06/06/2017
Martha Sensel donated $25.00 06/06/2017 Thanks for being an inspirational leader
Sarah Nicole Saldana donated $30.00 06/05/2017 Wayne have fun up there! Thanks for all the emails and all the rides you plan for us down here in LA
David Rindlaub donated $50.00 06/03/2017
Yvonne Ascher donated $100.00 06/03/2017 go team!
Mike Andrick donated $50.00 06/03/2017 Cheers.
carrie ungerman made a donation 06/03/2017 Go Co-captain Wayne! Thanks for all your work for Team LACBC.
Anonymous donated $50.00 06/02/2017 Be safe, have fun! I'm looking forward to seeing the photos! Ride on Wayne, ride on!
Henry Pan donated $50.00 06/02/2017 Keep at it!
Shayla Myers made a donation 06/01/2017 Go Wayne!!!
Kate and Deb donated $50.00 06/01/2017
Adolfo Garcia donated $20.00 06/01/2017
Nora Jones donated $300.00 05/31/2017 in response to Tamika's ask today, 5/31. Go team! WB will match this, but it will take 2 months to process. I'll ask they match my fundraising efforts.
Jim Pocrass donated $100.00 05/31/2017 With great admiration from all of us here at Pocrass & De Los Reyes, LLP.
brkfstburrito made a donation 05/30/2017
Pedro Avalos Jr. donated $20.00 05/26/2017

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