Donations for Jim Kelsey

Juan Huizar donated $50.00 08/18/2017 Super inspiring Jim!

All the best,

Juan Huizar
Anonymous donated $50.00 08/16/2017 Thanks for helping the further awareness about climate change.
Anonymous donated $25.00 08/14/2017
Anonymous donated $100.00 08/14/2017 Hi Jim,
Congratulations on your ride! Welcome home. Your photo with Megan and Jonah brought tears to my eyes. You've had quite a journey inside and out. I look forward to catching up once you've integrated back into your family and life in Orinda.

(I meant to donate long ago and must have been interrupted in process.)

Warm regards,
Michael Rufo donated $100.00 08/14/2017 Hey Jim, better late than never, I'm jumping in for your welcome home, great job and congratulations!!!
Miguel Arzabe donated $50.00 08/12/2017 Wishing you and the future of humanity all the best!
Brian Staton donated $100.00 08/11/2017 WOW! Jim very impressive and an inspiration to us all, and such a great cause to boot.
Anonymous donated $50.00 08/11/2017
Chris Vance donated $50.00 08/10/2017 Congrats Jim! Very inspiring!
David Struck donated $75.00 08/10/2017 Way to go Boss!
We will expect nothing less than a day-by-day, photo-filled, professionally narrated overview of your journey.....with refreshments, of course.
Catherine Higgins donated $50.00 08/10/2017 Jim,
Congrats on getting back to CA and I am glad to help finish the fundraising effort as well!
David Lehrer donated $100.00 08/10/2017
The Rahus Institute - Solar Schoolhouse donated $100.00 08/08/2017 Hi Jim,
Inspirational ride! for me and for the teachers and students in our Solar Schoolhouse network. Thanks for sharing the stories and sites of your adventure across the US.
Looking forward,
John Elliott donated $50.00 08/07/2017
Alison Farmer donated $100.00 08/04/2017
Wendy Gordon Hobbs donated $40.00 08/03/2017 Hi Jim,

You're almost home, and I want you to reach your goal. Your experiences have been a gift to all of us reading your blog. Thank you so very much!
Anonymous donated $20.00 08/02/2017
Rula Adranly donated $50.00 08/01/2017 Great job, Jim. What you're doing is so inspiring!!
Anonymous donated $100.00 07/31/2017
jim flanagan donated $50.00 07/31/2017

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