Donations for Jim Kelsey

Margie Gardner donated $100.00 06/22/2017 Amazing!!! Love your commitment to both cycling and the environment!
Seri & Adam donated $50.00 06/21/2017 Have an amazing & safe ride, Jim!
Nancy Drooker donated $75.00 06/19/2017
Roger Rosenfeld donated $25.00 06/16/2017
Christina Summary donated $50.00 06/14/2017 I hope you are having the time of your life! Thanks for making the world a better place. We miss you.
Anonymous donated $50.00 06/13/2017
Mike King made a donation 06/11/2017 Wow.
Peter T made a donation 06/07/2017
Amy Nagengast donated $50.00 06/07/2017
Robyn Pawlo made a donation 06/06/2017 Jim, I am impressed! Congratulations on following a goal/dream. Robyn Pawlo
Aaron Smith donated $50.00 06/05/2017
Dale Sartor donated $100.00 06/05/2017
Anonymous donated $200.00 06/04/2017
Hsini Wu made a donation 06/04/2017 Enjoy a beautiful ride and a safe journey, Jim! Looks like you need to raise your goal. ;)
Bruce Hunn donated $50.00 06/03/2017
Thomas Hurley donated $100.00 06/03/2017 Thanks, Jim - sorry for the delay!
Stephen Hannah made a donation 06/03/2017 Go Jim! Is there any way to track your ride?
~ Stephen Hannah
Alexandra LePauloue made a donation 06/02/2017 You're off to a great start! It's going to be an amazing adventure.
Steven Schiller made a donation 06/02/2017 This is big fun - I think I got to put you over the top of your goal - woohoo

This is so great - happy for you Jim, jealous (I am not sure if I could make it up Oakland Avenue), and thinking you will have a great adventure
Eric Martin donated $50.00 06/02/2017 Way to go Jim!

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