Donations for Adam Jadhav

Schuyler Olsson made a donation 07/07/2017
Hot Italian Public Market donated $39.50 06/20/2017 Hot Italian Fundraiser
Will P donated $50.00 06/12/2017 Ride on, geographer!
Anonymous donated $200.00 06/11/2017 We're counting on you to help save the planet ;) making it safer for cycling is a good start.
Anonymous donated $50.00 06/06/2017 Pedal harder. A gummi bear awaits you at the finish line.
Anonymous donated $25.00 06/05/2017
Adam Jadhav donated $50.00 06/05/2017 Let's do it.
Anonymous donated $10.00 06/05/2017
Emma Shlaes made a donation 06/05/2017 Bikes, California, and climate?! Duh! Can't wait to hear about it!
Anonymous donated $100.00 06/04/2017
Susannah Hufstader donated $30.00 06/03/2017
Anonymous donated $50.00 06/01/2017
Anonymous donated $25.00 06/01/2017 You rock Adam!
Sarah Howell made a donation 06/01/2017 Pedal hard Adam! Good luck and ride safely! Love from Baltimore, Sarah
Reagan Branham donated $25.00 05/31/2017
Maxwell Gersh donated $25.00 05/31/2017
John Noel donated $30.00 05/31/2017 Making this donation to a fellow climate warrior on the same day Trump Inc is rumored to pull out of Paris. I cannot think of a better use of my money right now. Get it, Adam.
Anonymous donated $20.00 05/30/2017
Pedal Power to the People donated $118.14 05/30/2017 Proceeds from selling bike politics shirts. Thanks to everyone who bought in.
El Beardo donated $50.00 05/30/2017 Get it done, brother!

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