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This is an Independent Challenge, turning a fun personal effort--riding across the USA 100+ miles a day--into something a bit wider. I am riding with an organized tour, but I will be the only participant supporting Climate Ride. 

I am riding to remember and to look forward. First, to remember Valerie, my wife of 47 years, who died in January 2021. In doing so, I want to bring attention to the disease, younger-onset Alzheimer's, that took her from us far too early To this end I want to encourage support for the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund. Follow this link to read Valerie's story, learn more and donate.

Second, because I want my five grandchildren, including a two-week old when my journey begins, to inherit a healthy and sustainable world. That goes for all our grandchildren. I want to focus on two organizations dealing with very different aspects of the climate crisis.

The Solar Village Project, which is championed by my church, Rock Spring United Church of Christ, provides climate-friendly, affordable energy to the most vulnerable people in the world, those most susceptible to the effects of climate change. 

The Chesapeake Climate Action Network, working in the Central Atlantic region of the USA, offers just the kind of regional advocacy and action needed to address a global problem. It is especially well-placed given its proximity to the global power-center of Washington DC. 

We will ride across the US 100+ miles a day. As we go, I hope to post periodic--ideally daily--brief notes on various aspects of climate change or related environmental issues on a special Facebook page. You will also be able to visualize my daily rides on Relive and follow my progress across the US on Strava. 

Help support this effort to protect our planet! I'm doing my part to take action and resolve our serious sustainability issues. Your generous donation will help my beneficiaries work to turn the tide, build a greener economy, and improve our lives. You can make a secure online donation today by clicking on the 'Support Me' button. You'll automatically receive an acknowledgment and I will be notified by email of your support. Thank you for your help!

Please consider donating generously to these worthy causes. Here is an incentive. I have already started the donations, by contributing $1,000 to each of the three organizations (Cure Alzheimer's, Solar Village Project, and the Chesapeake Climate Action Network). For each additional $5,000 that comes in for each organization, I will add another $1,000.

How about sponsoring me per mile? The official route is 2,908 miles. 

  1. 20 cents a mile would be $581.60
  2. 10 cents a mile would be $290.80
  3. 5 cents a mile would be $145.40
  4. 1 cent a mile would be $29.08

Of course any amount will be welcome!