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I’m excited to share this adventure with my granddaughter, to introduce her to the beauty of Glacier Park and to give her a very real way to take steps to combat climate change.  We’ve spent 7 of her 10 years hiking together in the Seattle area, learning a little about wild life, plants, geology and various environments as we go. 

When I was her age and lived in Whitefish, I studied a map of the Park and found a trail that led to Sperry Glacier.  I told my Dad I wanted to hike that trail; he laughed and said it was probably too difficult for me.  Times have changed and now I say, “Girls can do anything!” 

We call ourselves “The Two Goats;”  I’m the old one (80) and Olivia is the young one (10).  We’ve set our goal to raise $3000 each; the funds we raise will support Glacier Park Conservancy, a non-profit dedicated to projects that preserve and protect the Park through education, preservation and scientific research.  Now is the time, perhaps nearly past time, to support efforts to preserve out national treasures…our National Parks. 

I’ve invested in preserving Glacier Park before; when Park management was considering closing the Chalets, I volunteered to help restore them.  They are remnants of an effort by Great Northern Railway baron, James J. Hill, to create a destination that would entice the wealthy from east coast to explore the beauties of America rather than Europe.  Recently, Sperry Chalet was destroyed by a forest fire and Glacier Park Conservancy spearheaded the rebuild effort. 

My hope is that I will instill in my granddaughter an appreciation of the glories of our wild spaces and inspire her to engage in conservation and preservation efforts in whatever way she can.