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Independent Challenge 2021

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Earth Day this year, April 22nd, will be the start of my 11th Climate Ride.  I’ll be once again riding to raise money for the Sierra Club, and this year I’ll be attempting to complete 1,200 miles in just six days!

Most of us will remember 2020 as the year of the pandemic, yet it was also yet another year of devastating weather events -- record wildfires struck California and Colorado in the western United States, an unheard of 30 named Atlantic tropical storms, and over 2,000 people perished in Pakistan’s record breaking summer rains.  However, our nation’s leaders are now listening to the science and we’ve turned the corner with COVID.  And I’m now optimistic that the science of climate change will now guide our nation’s new leaders.  Early signs show that the new administration is prepared to act (like re-joining the Paris Climate agreement), but there are still big challenges ahead.

And that leads me back to my Climate Ride.  Cycling 1,200 miles in six days is a challenge beyond anything I’ve done before.  And I’ve set an even bigger challenge – this year I’m looking to set a new record for fundraising – $12,000!  I’m hoping that you will support me by making a donation.  I also plan to match any donation in excess of $49, so a donation of $50 will result in $100 going to support the Climate Ride and the Sierra Club.  Your tax-deductible charitable donation will help these organizations tackle the big challenges by working to solve the climate crisis and protecting our public lands and waters.