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SUMMARY (detailed info below)

  • We formed OMEN (Old Men Energizing the Nation) to promote fund raising activities driven by older folks to help mitigate climate change
  • Our first event is a bike ride across the United States beginning June 24th to raise money for GRID alternatives.  GRID is the nation's largest non profit solar installer.
  • We need your help!  Please hit the "Support Me" button above to donate and review our suggested donations below.


It's time for the older generation to get off the couch and do something about the climate crisis.  Young people are imploring their elders to help save the planet before it's too late. We think it's time to start doing our part (after all, we generated most of the greenhouse gases)! We formed OMEN (Old Men Energizing the Nation) to promote older folks getting more engaged in taking tangible action to reduce our carbon footprint. Our goal is to motivate others to help push solutions that can be implemented now to mitigate the impacts of climate change. Old folks have a disproportionate amount of time and most of the money. We want to show the younger generation that they can be proud of their parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and neighbors, and not just think "OK Boomer"! You can learn more about us and the event at https://youtu.be/cjBj1YY2uzE.  If you are interested in starting your own event please email us at [email protected] for ideas and support.

The inaugural activity is going to be a bike ride across the United States beginning in Florence OR June 24th and ending in Yorktown VA around August 14th covering over 4,000 miles! We will be raising money for GRID Alternatives. GRID is a national leader in helping low-income communities and communities of color nationwide get clean, affordable solar power and solar jobs. GRID is the nation's largest non-profit solar installer. Learn more about GRID Alternatives at https://gridalternatives.org/  


Help support our effort to protect the planet! Right now, it is more important than ever to work toward a sustainable future. A great way that you can help do something meaningful and concrete is to support our fundraising. We are raising awareness through this event in order to support broadening green energy alternatives to people who typically don't have access to them. Your generous donation will help GRID work to turn the tide, build out the green economy, and improve lives. Lower-income families, freed from monthly utility bills, can then apply that income to other pressing needs. They can also become advocates in their community regarding the benefit of clean power. 

 The entire trip is self funded and we have also made a donation to the cause. The estimated total costs to run the trip plus donations will be approximately 15 thousand dollars. How can you help support us? While any amount is greatly appreciated, please see our suggested donations below.

Suggested Donations:

1. A dollar a mile ($4,000)-  ELECTROFIERS  WOW! We are humbled by your support and grateful for your generosity. If you choose to have your donation made public, we will feature you in a blog on our trip.

2. Twenty Five Cents a Mile ($1,000)-  THUNDERBOLTS  News of your contribution will be heard throughout the land!

3. Ten cents a mile ($400)-  ENERGIZERS  You will help power us through the ride.

4. Five cents a mile ($200)-  INVIGORATORS  You will provide energy for the big climbs in the Rocky Mountains.

5. A penny a mile ($40)-  SPARKS  We couldn't do it without you! You form the core of our support.

You can make a secure online donation today by clicking on the 'Support Me' button at the top of the page. You'll automatically receive an acknowledgment and I will be notified by email of your support. All donations are 100% tax deductible. Thank you for your help and support. Together we can make a real difference in people's lives and the environment!


CORPORATE DONORS-  Ultra Clean Technology 10K

ELECTROFIERS (4K or greater)-  Jack Patterson, Michael Patterson

THUNDERBOLTS (1K-4K)- David Patterson, Martin Seidel, Allen and Suzi Duemey, Barbara Patterson, Ivan Abeshaus

ENERGIZERS ($400-$1,000)- Casandra Benjamin, James Marihart, Clarence Granger, Val Valentine

INVIGORATORS ($200-$400) Gary Kihara, Alex Delipski, Mohamed Saleem, Tim Olshansky, Chris Filmer, Wendy Osborne, Alexandru Popescu, Pete Theirl, Kenny Garrison, Jack Rosenthal, Phyrne Osborne, Steve Wolgast

SPARKS ($40-$200) Andy Yang, Serge Alexeev, Linda Kane, Derrick Woo, Michael Haley, Damon Koehler, Thuy Nedbal, Susan Bradley, Dave Marchiorato, David Yohn, Marie Wise, Dilip Khadye, Mark Thomas, Harold Dean, Deborah Hayward, Akira Muroaka, Nasir Basravi, Jane Shepard

SPECIAL THANKS- We would like to thank Climate Ride for facilitating the website and advise on fund raising.  Climate Ride is a nonprofit organization that organizes life-changing charitable biking and hiking events to raise awareness and support sustainability, active transportation, and environmental causes.  Learn more about Climate Ride at https://www.climateride.org/   We would also like to thank Yesica Pena and Jack Patterson who will providing emergency support during parts of the trip and Bryan Allen who has allowed us to use his artwork (The Lightning Catchers) for our webpage.  You can see more of Bryan's work at https://www.bryan-allen.com/