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First off, thank you so much for your time. I'll get right into it: so what is this Climate Ride, and why do I want to participate...

Basically, it's a 280 mile long bike ride over 5 days across the beautiful California coast. Sounds super fun! I have to (with your help) raise $3000 to ride by June 5th. All the money we are raising will be split between 3 charities. Here's a little about each one, and my rationale for choosing them: 

Climate Ride (the organizers of the event) - so that they can continue to offer this awesome opportunity around the world. There may be similar rides to this one in your area!

San Francisco Bike Coalition - they do all sorts of bike-related things in SF, like advocating for more bike lanes and for bikes to be allowed on public transit as well as offering bicycle educational classes and community bike builds where reclaimed bikes are donated. They helped improve the bikeability of Market Street, half of which constitutes my daily commute (which is actually one of the best parts of my day!) https://sfbike.org/

League of American Bicyclists - I wanted to choose a charity that might be more relevant to those of you outside of San Francisco, and this seems to be a good one! Some of what they do includes giving out awards to bicycle friendly communities, businesses, universities, etc. as well as education and advocacy programs. They also have a cool feature on the website that lets you see what the bike laws are like in the state you live in. https://www.bikeleague.org/

I want to be clear: this money is not going to me, don't worry.

Why I like to ride:

  • The rush of dodging buses and traffic
  • The wind in my hair, scratch that the wind in my helmet
  • It's decent exercise
  • No emissions
  • Get to be outside

Just click on the 'Support Me' button to donate today. You'll automatically receive an acknowledgment and I'll be notified by email of your support.

By donating, you are supporting an awesome cause - the health of our planet. I can't do this without you. Thank you so much!

P.S. according to the Climate Ride Website, donations are tax deductible:

Climate Ride events are produced by Climate Ride (Tax ID # 27-1777457), a nonprofit, public benefit corporation recognized as tax-exempt under IRS Code Section 501(c)(3). Donations to Climate Ride are deductible for income tax purposes to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law.

P.P.S if you donate, Climate Ride will send an email asking you if your company matches gifts. If you feel so inclined, you can contribute a matching donation to my cause as well.

P.P.P.S you made it to the end! Let me know if you have any questions or comments