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A fundraising ride for a healthy planet (and a healthy me!)

Hey Friends - 

For the past 3 years, I've been riding to stay healthy and keep my cancer at bay.  So far so good ... no sign of progression ... YAY!

A happy Robert after a ride last October near Lago di Endine in Italy 

Recently I found a non-profit organization (ClimateRide.org) which is organizing a 4 day bike trip through Death Valley the first week of March. This is THE week to visit Death Valley: moderate temperatures and if lucky, a one week bloom of flowers in the desert. Is that cool or what!?!

I'm totally psyched, and I really want to participate.  It will be challenging for me: I've never ridden so far or climbed so much in just 4 days.  And I'm training all of February to prepare.

ClimateRide.org is organizing this as a fundraiser - each rider finds sponsors to support the rider's favorite charities.  In order for me to participate, I need to raise $3000.  I've put in the first $1000, and now ask you to sponsor my ride.  $100 would be great - though any amount will help.

Your tax deductible donation will go to the Nature Conservancy*.  You will promote the health of the planet, while helping me ride in a beautiful place and stay healthy for a long time.

Thank you. Thank you.  Thank you.


* I chose the Nature Conservancy because I believe that the most effective way to care for the environment is through non-confrontational private ownership and science-based stewardship of environmentally sensitive habitats.   The Nature Conservancy aligns well with that.