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US Aquarium Ride 2019

Help support my efforts to protect our planet! 

From February 22 to May 26, 2019 I'm bicycling 4400 miles from San Francisco to Boston via two dozen aquariums to raise money to combat climate change and meet people across the US to discuss our oceans, our climate, and our environment. You can view my approximate route here.

Along the way I'm going to practice zero waste as well as pick up at least 1 piece of plastic trash every day to make my route cleaner then when I arrived. Plastic trash blows or washes into our creeks, rivers, and oceans and eventually kills baby albatrosses, turtles, whales, fish, and other wildlife. Plastic trash has been found on the remotest islands and in the deepest sea trenches. It is also showing up in the seafood and sea salt we eat! What goes around, comes around. Our kids will end up eating the junk we throw away today as well as being impacted by climate change.

I need YOUR HELP! Right now, it is more important than ever to work toward a sustainable future. Our kids are counting on us. A great way that you can help is to donate to my Ride. I'm covering all of my own ride costs as well as contributing 3 months of my time and a lot of sweat equity to this cause. 

I'm hoping all of my friends and colleagues will recognize my effort as well as the importance of projecting our environment by making a donation. If 10 friends donate $1 a mile, I've made my goal. Or 100 donate a dime a mile. Or 1000 donate a penny a mile. 

Donations both large and small are ALL welcome. The more the merrier because it shows there are many people across the US who really care about the future of our world. Also please apply for your company's matching donations if available.

I'd like to show people across the US that there are many who really care about our oceans and our climate and our children. So if you donate, please post with your donation what city you are from, what you do for a living, and why this is important to you.  Or you can leave a comment below as well. If I can get 1000 people to support me, that means a lot in addition to surpassing my goal of $44,000.

100% of your donations go to the following 5 organizations:

  1. Union of Concerned Scientists - To encourage real Science! Science is what made and makes America great.
  2. Adventure Cycling Association - To encourage more people to bike around the US and meet people rather than driving or flying over the middle and missing so much in the process.
  3. League of American Bicyclists - To make roads and government policies better in all of our communities across the US as well as to educate more cyclists AND motorists.
  4. Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition - To encourage many more people to bike around Silicon Valley -- we have great weather and can lead by example!
  5. Climate Ride - To encourage more people to walk the walk and ride the ride. Climate ride is a fantastic organization that is raising awareness, raising funds, and educating people.

These organizations are making a difference by promoting science & bicycle transportation, reducing pollution, and fighting climate change. Your generous donation will help us turn the tide, build a greener economy, and improve our lives. You can make a secure online donation today by clicking on the 'Support Me' button. You'll automatically receive an acknowledgment and I will be notified by email of your support. Again please note that I am covering all my own expenses myself. My time and expenses, as well as my effort and sweat, are my contributions to reducing climate change and pollution. Thank you for your help!

Why am I focused so much on bicycling? Because bicycling is an easy, inexpensive, and hugely effective way to make a difference -- saving money, improving health, reducing traffic congestion, reducing pollution, and making this world a friendlier place by meeting each other. Science is critical as well and the Union of Concerned Scientists is doing an excellent job on that front.

To learn even more about what I am doing to save our planet and our kids, please see ZeroW.org.

I biked 400 pounds of gear to a Bike to Work Day event at Google.

I picked up my Christmas tree on my bike.

Using 3 bike trailers, I hauled 600 lbs of gear to a Smart Cycling course.

Me on my first climate ride.