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Team Captain Architecture 2030 Climate Hike Glacier 2017

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About me: 
Hi! My name is Lindsay Rasmussen - I'm a Research Intern at Architecture 2030, an adventurer, advid hiker/backpacker, and an Architecture Major that's passionate about sustainable design. I grew up in the mountains of Colorado in an off-the-grid, net-positive, passively designed home.  That really sparked my passion for both sustianable architecture and for the outdoors.  They say home is where the heart is, and my heart is in the mountains, so naturally that's where I feel most at home.  These are the places that I love and cherish the most, and I feel a responsiblity to protect them.  Because of my work at Architecture 2030, I see a direct correlation between our built environment's contribution to climate change and the impact it's having on the places I love the most. 

I'm beyond excited to participate in the 2017 Climate Hike in Glacier National Park to raise awareness and financial support for the efforts of Architecture 2030 and to learn first-hand about the impact climate change is having on Glacier National Park in particular.  


About Architecture 2030: 
Architecture 2030 is a non-profit think tank focused on transforming the built environment from being a major contributor of greenhouse gas emissions to being a central part of the solution to the climate change crisis.  

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), the Building Sector consumes nearly half (47.6%) of all energy produced in the United States. It is also responsible for nearly half (44.6% ) of all U.S. CO2 emissions.  Over the next twenty years, an area equal to 3.5 times the entire current built environment of the U.S. will be redesigned, reshaped, and rebuilt globally.  That means that, if designed and built using energy efficient design strategies and incorporating on-site renewable energy generation, the building sector has the potential to be a powerful solution to the climate change crisis.  Architecture 2030 plays a central role in this mission, and our organization could use your support.  

This is a unique fundraising opportunity because if gives individuals the opportunity to make a tax-refundable donation to support a cause they're passionate about.  Architecture 2030 receives our funding through grants and through the support of architecture firms and other organizations, but never before have we been able to receive financial support from individuals.  This is your opportunity to help support our efforts, our reach, and our impact. 

Thank you for your support! 


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