Daniela Goehler

Climate Hike Glacier 2017

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Nature is my favorite place to be. It gives me energy, courage and inspiration. It also spurs me to think harder about my own responsibility to safe the planet and what else I can do to work towards a sustainable and green future.

Many of us are active on various fronts to fight climate change. Some of them unite you and me through our profession and my current work in the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility.

Some of you will know that I am also a passionate hiker. I have now found a way to combine the hiking with an additional effort for our common cause to protect the climate: I will participate in a Climate Hike through the Glacier National Park in August 2017, which requires me to fundraise at least US$2,800 for non-profit organizations making a difference by promoting green energy and clean transportation. That is where I ask for your support and donate.

Since I believe that keeping up local and community-level action is more important than ever, I have selected two local groups in the US of the 350.org global climate movement to benefit from the funds I will be able to mobilize: 350Vermont and 350 Mass. Both groups are powerful grassroots movements to support local solutions in US states for a rapid transition beyond fossil fuels.

Since I moved to the US in April 2014, I have been hiking through at least one of America's national parks every year. The landscapes are stunning. The stillness too.

I appreciate your support and will be dedicating the most impressive moments on the hike to my network of friends and colleagues.

Thank you for your help!



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