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Please support my personal effort to raise funds and awareness for sustainable climate solutions and active transportation!

My name is Bill Petty and my preferred method of traveling is my bicycle. I have been riding a bike since I was a little tyke but it wasn't until about 10 years ago is when I was bitten by the cycling bug and I became infected with the joy of cycling. 

I work at a local Subaru dealer yet I have no plans to ever drive to work and I get to ride my bike every day rain or shine. I love that Subaru embraces bicycling. I try my hardest to spread the cycling joy to coworkers and customers. I once gathered 18 people to join me on Bike to work day. I love bike to work day because I get to see because I get to see the joy it brings to those who join me. 

There are lots of reason that that I signed up for this ride.One was to support my teammates who this will be the first 100 mile ride. I look forward to training with them and making strides towards our goal of that 100 mile ride. The other reason is because I think it is very important to get as many people as possible to think of hoping on a bike instead of jumping in a car.  I'm joining the fight for our planet’s future by challenging myself physically and raising funds. — 

Here is where I need YOUR HELP. I will be putting out alot of energy mentally and physically. I would love it if you could support me by donating money to help my fund raising goal. I have chosen Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition. They are a great organization that does so much for the cycling community. 

You can make a secure online donation today by clicking on the 'Support Me' button. You'll automatically receive an acknowledgment, and I will be notified by email of your generous support.

Thank you for your help — you’re part of the positive change we so desperately need!