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Help me raise awareness of climate change, sustainable solutions, and active transportation advocacy by donating today to support the awesome work of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition (SFBC).

I participated in the 2018 Northern California Climate Ride and the 2022 Death Valley Climate Ride. In both events, I met community of like minded individuals, very concerned about climate change and how it is impacting our present and future. Also, I rode my bike a lot, but I’d do that regardless! This is why I will be contributing $1500 to the ride myself, to cover the costs of my participation. This means that any moneys YOU donate will go to support the work of SFBC. And since the ride is on the other side of the country, I will be offsetting my flight to and from the East Coast (I realize it's not ideal to fly to fight climate change, but I had to be on the East Coast anyway)

Combining my passion for cycling with climate advocacy just makes so much sense to me; so this year, I am raising funds for the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition. SFBC does amazing work to ensure more and safer bike routes in the city and promote greater uptake of cycling as a safe and accessible mode of transportation. My hope is that one day, cycling and public transit infrastructure will be such that having a car in San Francisco will make zero sense. 

Since the pandemic, SFBC lobbied hard to keep the JFK Promenade (fka JFK Drive, in the Golden Gate Park) open to people and closed to cars. The joy that spread on the Promenade was something I hadn’t seen in the city yet: art popped up out of nowhere (a whale! pianos!) and a sense of community and belonging emerged, as individuals, families and groups of friends all enjoyed the outdoors in a safe environment. 

As an avid cyclist and dog owner, I’m often in the park, on my bike or by foot, walking Pimienta and Peanut. Having SFBC reclaim this space has been a game changer for me and so many in the nearby neighborhoods and across the city.

Please support the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition and a pathway to a more sustainable future. You can make a secure online tax deductible donation here; or, to maximize your impact, you can Venmo (@victeban) or donate cash that will be matched (that means your donation gets doubled, thanks to corporate matching programs). 

Thank you so much for your support!