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Please support my personal effort to raise funds and awareness for sustainable climate solutions and active transportation! 

Climate Change is, by far, our biggest challenge. And Climate Ride is the one organization that brings bicycling and hiking volunteers, rather volunteer fundraisers, together to bring about change. The goal is to channel funding to local, regional and national organizations focused on reducing the impact of Climate Change.

This will be my third Climate Ride. My daughter Catherine will be along for her second ride, and she, along with my wonderful wife Terry have decided to join up to be a team (again). This year, the Green Fondo of our choice is in the beautiful western mountains of western Virginia, an area we know and love visiting. It will be our first-time riding in the state.

Beneficiary organizations run the gamut from national organizations like the Nature Conservancy and the Natural Resource Defense Council to 350.org and even regional and social justice organizations focused on fixing the climate; they would include Bears Ears Intertribal-Coalition (Utah) and Boston Cyclists Union. Coming from different viewpoints and parts of the country with once primary goal: to reduce the carbon being released into the atmosphere.

These are all photos of my team cycling and just being together, on Green Fondo western New York just this past Fall. It was a great weekend with great camaraderie among the 70 plus riders, delicious and healthy food and near perfect riding weather.

If I cannot convince you to join us in body (because our team could use another rider or two), then please join us in spirit, and financial support. To best accomplish this, please consider contributing in my name, or to the team "The Islanders". Our ride April 29th and 30th, of 2023. The ride is Green Fondo Virginia - Blue Ridge.

Let's work together to make this new year 2023 a better year for the planet. Thank you all for your support!!