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My Progress

2 years ago I participated in my first climate ride in Utah, at age 11. Last year I completed the Mendicino gravel ride, despite having Covid the week before. This year I am taking on the Grand Canyon in June. Along with my mum, I will be riding on the climate one team www.climateone.org

I am currently in eighth grade at the local middle school where I live. I have grown up with the knowledge of global warming because my mum works for a non-profit that gives grants to organizations and individuals working to combat climate change. I grew up with the worry of polar bears and their ice melting. As I have grown up in the world we are living in today I have come to understand that climate change doesn't just mean polar bears losing their habitats and becoming homeless, it also means the air we breathe is not clean, the water we drink is polluted and the planet we live on is dying. I have always thought about the people taking action and never thought it would be me: but now it is me.  As long as I can remember I have always said that when I grew up I was going to be a scientist:  I would study global warming and find a solution but now I realize that this disaster is going to take more than just scientists and test tubes. This is going to take people out in the streets fighting for a clean future, politicians waking up to the situation and more than anything this corruption is going to need everyone we can get to stand up and fight against corrupt people in power. 

Please consider supporting my efforts to raise $3,000 Every single donation - no matter how big or small - will make a huge difference.  Please give whatever you are able - thank you!  From me, future generations and the planet. 

All my love,