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Green Fondo Northern California 2024

Join us on May 17, 2024

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Green Fondo Northern California 2024

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05/17/2024 – 05/19/2024

Welcome! On the next few pages, you'll enter your contact information and answer some questions to help us plan for the event.

There are two participant types for this event.

Pay in Full participant type: Pay a $300 registration fee with no fundraising commitment. Fundraising not required. Participants can choose to fundraise later if they wish.

Fundraiser participant type: Pay a $50 registration fee and commit to fundraising $250 by May 6, 2024

Please note that registration fees and donations are not refundable.  We've also responded to questions that participants commonly have when getting started on the Green Fondo webpage

Get ready to pedal for the planet at GREEN FONDO!