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Climate Rise - Earth Every Day - 2023

Join us on December 1, 2022

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Climate Rise - Earth Every Day - 2023

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Welcome to Climate Rise – Earth Every Day – the online, ongoing, rally for our planet! The climate crisis is worsening every day, so we wanted to give YOU a platform to take action! Whether you stream on Twitch, share stories on Instagram, or dance on TikTok, this event is designed to support you in FUNdraising and advocating for our the Earth. Any day. Or every day.

Climate change impacts us all everywhere. Whatever you love, it's going to be harder to do because of this crisis. So let's rise now. you can choose from over 100 charities who are protecting land, getting people on bikes, stopping polluters, and trying to get our governments working on this issue. 

Then, create a challenge involving something you love. Talk about climate change to your network, whether that's on Facebook, Discord, or Tumblr. Give them the opportunity to help you raise funds, and put their money toward the good of our collective future. Go big for the organizations that are working to mitigate climate change. 

Register now, help spread the word and start fundraising, and we will be here to support you. All funds raised will directly support efforts to help our planet.

You can celebrate Earth Every Day with a planet-loving project like cleaning up a local trailhead or challenge yourself to ride, run, bake, or learn a new song. Or go on a hike in a place that is in danger of flooding, fire, etc. Or stream a bike ride. Or take on a gaming challenge. Just make sure you spend some time letting people know climate change is a priority and they can help you take action by donating, advocating, and even taking on a Climate Rise of their own.

Come up with something unique for you: speed run your favorite game, stream a DND campaign, or take a day to walk a hundred laps around your garden or spend a week volunteering – the challenge is up to you!

For more information, check out our toolkit here.

Registration is free and fundraising is optional. Let's use our creative and adventurous actions to get the word out that we support solutions to the environmental crisis. If you fundraise, we have great prizes!