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Climate Rise Day of Action 2022

Join us on October 22, 2022

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Climate Rise Day of Action 2022

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Step 2 - Dream up a fun challenge to do together on October 22 (ideas below)!

STEP 3 - Self pledge and raise a bunch of funds to give to your favorite nonprofits!

Climate change impacts us all – everywhere. Whatever you love, it’s going to be harder to do because of this crisis. But nonprofits are leading the way, despite only receiving 3% of charitable giving in the US annually. We’ve partnered with the Algorand Foundation to make a significant impact on environmental nonprofits by matching every donation up to $2.5 million! So let’s rise now. Pick a challenge involving something you love. Make a team. Talk about climate change. Talk about bike advocacy. Talk about protecting wild places. Raise funds. Go big. And, we have great prizes for you! Any action, whether riding a bike, hiking with friends or sending an email can be direct climate action.

There is no fundraising minimum for this event but we encourage you to self pledge and fundraise with your network so every dollar can be matched! Together, the Climate Ride network can make a huge impact for our beneficiary network just by doing the things we love. Be sure to get friends and family to join you on October 22 for the Climate Rise Day of Action.

This day of action is all about sharing your joy of adventure and raising funds for organizations by inviting your friends, family, bike club, pick-up soccer crew, neighbors, and whoever else you can think of to join you!

We are calling all cyclists, hikers, walkers, skateboarders, stand-up paddle boarders, content creators, pogo-ers, gamers, streamers, outdoors enthusiasts, artists – you name it – to do what you love while you connect with others about how you’re helping to protect the planet.

Registration is free and fundraising is optional. Let's use our creative and adventurous actions to get the word out that we support solutions to the environmental crisis. If you fundraise, we have great prizes!